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This Skymaster plane is manufactured by the Cessna Company. The thrust to develop Skymaster plane was initiated when the company aimed at addressing engine out controllability problems.   Skymaster is twin- engine aircraft with built in push and pull configuration. The engines of the craft are mounted on the rear of is pod-style fuselage and nose as well. The best part of this Skymaster aircraft is that it has twin engine reliability with the revolutionary design. The handling characters of the Skymaster are easy when compared to conventional twin-engine aircraft. The excellent design of this skymaster plane gives the benefit of adding two propellers on the air craft centerline so that increased drag that comes with the twin wing mounted engines is reduced. The Skymaster plane has twin booms behind the wings to vertical stabilizers with rear engine between them. Horizontal stabilizer is behind pusher propeller mounted between twin booms of the skymaster plane. The pilot will find no problem in running the flight even if one of the two engines fails as the thrust provided by the remaining engine stays at centerline.

The first model of Skymaster was 336 with fixed landing gear and first flew in the year 1961. The production of Skymaster was initiated in the year 1963, and 195 spymaster were produced by the mid of 1964.In the following year, Cessna company introduced another new model 337 super Skymaster. This new model was little larger and had powerful engines along with a retractable gear and dorsal air scoop for the rear engine. In the year 1966, turbocharged T337 was introduced into the market and in the year 1973, pressurized P337 G entered production.   Cessna Company built 2993 skymaster of all variants, and this includes 513 military O-2 versions as well. The production of these Skymaster in America ended in the year 1982 but continued with RIMS in France in later years. The variants produced by Cessea ranged from 327 baby skymaster to T337H-SP.

The unique feature of Skymaster is that it will not run into a dead engine even if one of its engines quits. It will not have a tendency to depart from runway if engine fails on the takeoff roll. Skymaster is easily controllable, and lower air speeds effectively when compared to conventional twin-engine flights. However, only multi-engine rated pilots are needed to run the Skymaster plane.

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