Carpet cleaning company shines at Aviation Show

The 2015 aviation show brings a wide range of exhibits, demonstrators and seminars. One of the highlights was brought by Cardiff based carpet cleaners Vale Carpet Cleaning who demonstrated their latest carpet cleaning equipment against some of the dirtiest aviation carpets and seats we had seen. This included runway tarmac ingrained into the carpets, spilled coffee on the seats combined with…

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Local window cleaning services wins contract

Earlier this week, local Wimbledon window and gutter cleaning company Wilsons Window Cleaning was successful in obtaining success in obtaining a number of new contracts in the Wimbledon and Morden areas of South London. This possibly includes cleaning the windows of hundreds of local aircraft. A Wilsons Window Cleaning spokesman said “our window cleaning and gutter cleaning business as grown from strength to…

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LED lighting excels in the Aviation industry

Many industries are today switching from conventional lighting system to led lights to save energy bills, and aircraft industry is one among them. Until recent times, aircraft industry was using these LED lights only for few purpose like no smoking and fasten seatbelt signs. Recent advances in led lights are offering many benefits to the aircraft industry. There is no…

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