Construction – Use of Aluminium in Aviation

Aluminium has been the key building material in the aviation industry for years, even as many aviation companies set their sights on other materials. Aluminium has continued to prove itself each year as the metal of choice for aeroplane manufacturers all around the world. This aluminium substrate can also be used in liquid flow screed, and local floor screeding company London Flow Screed ensures the highest level of quality is maintained.

Cost Effective

Aluminium has always been a relatively inexpensive metal. It doesn’t take as long to process and refine as steel, and it is far easier to come by than many other lightweight metals. This makes it ideal for the aeroplane manufacturing industry, since many of these companies are looking to crunch down on their expenses and find ways to cut costs. The aeroplane industry has been suffering from the economic downturn in the last decade or so more than most industries, the same that is constantly used for aluminium guttering. For many people, aeroplane travel is a luxury, and the industry has to find ways to save money in order to make a profit. Using a metal that is easily obtainable and cost-effective like aluminium is one of the easiest choices they can make.

aluminium used in aircraft

Proven Value

Aluminium is not only inexpensive, but it has also proven to be extremely reliable. Its lightweight characteristics make it ideal for air travel. Yet it is still strong enough to withstand high pressure systems and powerful winds. This combination of strength and lightness ensures that aluminium is one of the best choices for the aeroplane construction industry. When it comes to the aeroplane industry, companies are looking for something that works and has been known to have few problems. Aluminium has already been established within the market, making it tough for any other metals to prove they are as capable. It has already become the market leader in rain water guttering.

Still the Top Choice

Many aeroplane companies are looking into carbon fibre as a replacement for aluminium, but none have actually committed to this relatively untested material. The biggest factors working in aluminium’s favour are that it is affordable and that it has proven itself as a reliable metal. Its status as the king of aerospace metals is not about to be changed anytime soon, because of these factors. Some companies are even exploring options to create a new kind of aluminium that is layered and provides greater tensile strength. This may allow it to meet or exceed the standards set by other metals while still maintaining its signature characteristics. Currently the method is being used in many seamless aluminium guttering installations. You can visit aluminium gutters specialist for further information on how this preformed aluminium is produced.

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